A Foodie’s Guide to Local Food in Dalhousie

Local food in Dalhousie

Known as one of the best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. Local food in Dalhousie is therefore quite develop and advanced. This hill station has many eateries and restaurants serving different types of cuisine. One of the best Resorts in Dalhousie.

India is quite famous for different cultures and festivals. The most important thing for which India is famous for is the different food of different regions. Indians are so lucky to explore so many dishes of their own country.

One more thing for which Indians are lucky to have is Aaroham Resorts, which is one of the Best Resorts in Dalhousie.

Now one must be introduce to the Local food in Dalhousie as you have decided to explore the Himachal.


Aktori is an ancient recipe from the arid valleys of Lahore and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. A kind of cake. Mix buckwheat leaves with flour and make pancakes. Aktri is commonly serve with ghee and honey. It is believed to have originated in the Lahore Shipti Valley, but is found in almost all regions of Himachal Pradesh. In addition to being a celebratory Local food in Dalhousie, Aktori is enjoy by the people of Himachal Pradesh as well.

Tudkiya Bhath

One of the pulao, tudkiya bhath, is rice cook with lentils, potatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and yogurt and seasoned with bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon and red chili powder. This spicy rice dish is usually serve with porridge daal.

This traditional dish uses unusual spices such as dagad phool, karpathi (also known as black stone), mace and star anise, giving it a classic Pahari touch and making it unique. Take a break from the usual pulao and telly dishes and prepare this delicious rice dish that will be love by the whole family and the perfect weekend meal.

Kullu Trout fish

Kullu Trout is a traditional dish of Himachal Pradesh. A quick and easy fish recipe. Seasoning is kept to a minimum to bring out the natural flavor of the fish, and the more you chew it, the more appetizing it becomes. If you are a seafood lover and are always looking for something new, fish can only survive in the cold waters of Himachal Pradesh, so if you want an authentic experience, don’t miss this dish.

This particular species of fish is popular in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh and is now found only there. The name Kullu became associated with the trout fish as it came to be associated with the Kullu Valley, which can be easily found in the River Beas flowing through it. Interestingly, trout were not actually discover in Indian waters until the 1900s. The British who settled in India during the colonial period were passionate about fishing in their homeland. These men in tight suits were looking for a way to relax during British rule.


Madura is one of the most famous delicacies of Himachal Pradesh. It originally belongs to the Chamba region. The pride of festivals, weddings and buffets. It is serve in almost every hotel and restaurant and represents part of the food culture here. Soaked chickpeas or kidney beans or chana are use as basic ingredients. You can use any vegetable cooking oil if you prefer.

Keeping aside the mythological past, locals believe that madura began when a Chamba bride married into a Kangri family and took the recipe with her. Serve with hot rice. Preparing it in a purely organic way also helps preserve all the nutrients.


A popular traditional delicacy prepared at weddings, local festivals and special occasions in Himachal Pradesh. Dam is not only Ayurvedic but also nutritionally complete food. Ethnic cuisine, including Rajmah Madra, Kadi, Khatta, Sepu Badi, etc., is a treasure of the culinary heritage and an integral part of the diet of the people of the state.

The cuisine is develope according to traditional methods of natural conditions, mainly from basic ingredients, as well as taking into account the geographical and climatic conditions of the state. Preparation of the dham begins early in the evening. Dham is a complete meal, served on a plate with leaves. It is considered very popular in the Manali and Chamba regions.


For the foodies who really love to explore new places just to go for different tastes. These dishes are cherry on top for them. Same way Aaroham Resort also works as the cherry on top at the beauty of Dalhousie and comfortable stay for their guests. That’s why it is immensely famous as one of the best luxury resorts to stay in Dalhousie.

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