best hotel in shimla for honeymoon

The best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon

You’ve made the best decision of your life and are tying the knot with your partner. Now it is that time to plan the honeymoon of your dreams. Sure, you can jet off to paradise or go on a beach-hopping adventure, but why not treat yourselves to the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon with Aaroham hotels. Located in the heart of one of India’s most breath-taking cities. It is the perfect place to get away from it all and indulge in some much-needed romance.

Are you ready to escape the humdrum of everyday life and finally make that romantic getaway come true? Look no further as we have the best hotel for honeymoon in Shimla for your adventurous trip. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be surrounded by breath-taking views, thoughtful amenities and friendly staff that know the ins and outs of the area.

You won’t have to worry about a thing – from your reservations to making sure your food is just right, we’ve got it all covered. Plus, our three-star hotels are located close to some of the best attractions in Shimla. So you won’t miss out on anything during your stay. Honeymooners should prepare for days filled with exploring boutique shops, sampling local cuisine and even taking a cable car ride to explore the city from above.

About Shimla – Honeymoon Destination

Awe-inspiring scenery, enormous mountains, lively markets, upscale lodgings and dining options, and good weather all year long. Shimla offers all the amenities needed to be a well-liked getaway from North India’s sweltering summers. Shimla experiences a large number of visitors during the winter months in addition to its busy tourism season in the summer.

This is due to the fact that it is one of only a few locations in India to have successive snowfall. So, as you set out on a journey to see snowfall in Shimla, you can satisfy your need for a white winter. Shimla provides a lot more and not just a quaint colonial structure established against the magnificent snow-capped Himalayas.

Several times more than the countless Bollywood songs with scenes from Mall Road or even its oldest boarding institutions. The MTB Himalaya, the largest mountain bike competition in South East Asia, is held in the highest echelons all around Shimla region and offers skating on real ice. Along with the Jakhu Temple Shrine containing Lord Hanuman’s footsteps, Shimla is also home to the 16th-century “Arya Astha Sahasrikas Prajna Paramita” Tibetan script.

Experience at Aaroham hotels for Honeymoon

Our hotels are the best cottage in Shimla. We offer an enchanting view of the Himalayas and come equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a 3-star hotel in Shimla for honeymoon, including a private balcony and complimentary spa services. But that’s not all, we also offer delicious dining options, thrilling outdoor activities and plenty of cultural experiences to make your honeymoon extra special.

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable honeymoon experience that won’t break the bank, look no further than Aaroham hotels.

With our hotels, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for you and your partner. We guarantee luxurious rooms, top-of-the-line amenities and exceptional service so that your honeymoon will be one for the ages.

The ideal Honeymoon Hotel! 

When you and your beloved step into Aaroham hotel, you won’t believe your eyes. From private villas with breath-taking views to cozy cottages tucked away in lush gardens, there are a variety of types of accommodations available for your romantic getaway.

If you’re looking for something secluded and peaceful, choose from a variety of cottages surrounded by dense forests. Whether you’d like a villa with a balcony overlooking the Himalayas or a cottage situated near a stunning waterfall, we have it all which is why we are known as the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon. 

We at Aaroham Hotels offer special amenities and services that will make your honeymoon one to remember. From luxurious, spacious rooms with panoramic views to world-class dining experiences, you’ll be spoil with pampering treatment from start to finish. Special touches like champagne upon check-in, complimentary spa treatments, gourmet meals served in bed and private villas with private butlers will ensure that your stay is as luxurious as possible.

If you’re looking for something special, sunbathe on the rooftop pool at the only resort with a swimming pool in Shimla or get down on the dance floor at the resort’s night club. If you’d like some extra luxury, opt for an exclusive bungalow beachfront property or even a serene lake house. And what better way to enjoy the beauty of Shimla than by taking a dip in your own private pool or lounging on the terrace?

From quaint family cottages to luxurious suites in prime locations, we have everything you need for an unforgettable honeymoon experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make some magical memories!

Couples dream getaway at Shimla

Do you ever feel like the world is your playground? Now you can make that happen by treating yourself to a luxurious honeymoon at thebest honeymoon place in Shimla. With an array of facilities designed to make sure that each couple enjoys their stay, you can kick back and relax in the lap of luxury.

Experience a romantic getaway with your significant other. Spend days exploring the nearby sights and attractions and then come back to your comfortable room with amenities like:

  • 4 Star Room Amenities
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Private spa services
  • Fitness centre
  • 24/7 Concierge Service
  • In-room dining services

With these luxurious amenities, you can easily live out your honeymoon fantasies and make memories that will last a lifetime! But are you an adventure craving couple? You may easily fulfil your honeymoon wishes with these opulent delights and create lifelong memories! But are you two adventurers at heart? Then we have that covered for you as well.

There are several things in Shimla that are guaranteed to make your honeymoon that much more special, from hiking at neighbouring hiking trails to taking scenic boat excursions on Naldehra or Tatapani Lake.

Enjoy Unforgettable Activities at the Best Hotel in Shimla for Honeymoon

From trekking at nearby hiking trails to taking picturesque boat rides on Naldehra or Tatapani Lake, there’s plenty of activities available in Shimla that are sure to make your honeymoon even more special. You can also take advantage of our concierge services if you need help planning your itinerary.

Your honeymoon should be perfect with us because you are in the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon are here to make you feel so amazing and exciting. From all the amenities and services, you could ever want for a romantic getaway to the breath-taking views of the Himalayas, it’s an idyllic retreat for newlyweds.

For couples seeking adventure, there’s plenty to do around Shimla. Hike through lush nature trails, take a cable car ride up to the Mall Road or explore colonial architecture. When you’re done sightseeing, Aaroham Hotels have plenty of relaxation options like outdoor hot tubs and ancillary services like massage therapy, yoga classes and meditation sessions.

With us, think romantic walks in the middle of your own personal orchard, or dinner dates under the stars—all are crafted specifically for you. Or take an exciting trek up to one of the many viewpoint spots, then snuggle up by the fire and watch the snowfall over the hills at night.

Exceptional Service

From personalised check-in to warm hospitality, Aaroham is dedicated to making your stay as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy each other’s company without any hassles. They understand how special this moment can be for two newlyweds, which is why every detail is taken care of with such care when you book hotel in Shimla.

We understand that having the right amenities is essential for a romantic honeymoon getaway. That’s why we provide you with all the amenities you need for an unforgettable stay – from our luxury spa treatments to high-end restaurants and bars, it’s all part of the package here!

At Aaroham hotels, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for you and your partner. We guarantee luxurious rooms, top-of-the-line amenities and exceptional service so that your honeymoon will be one for the ages.

Why Aaroham hotels Known as the Best Hotel for Honeymoon in Shimla

Situated among scenic hills and valleys, each room offers its own private balcony with breath-taking views of nature at the best hotel for honeymoon in Shimla. It perfect for those romantic sunsets after a long day out discovering Shimla together. With plush bedding, top-notch amenities and world-class service at its finest, your honeymoon won’t feel any less than a fairy-tale!

With us, you will always be welcome with luxury and lavishness that will leave a lasting impression. From the moment you walk through the doors, you will be transported into a world where your every whim is taken care of and spoiling yourself is just part of your daily routine.

You can relax while being pamper with romantic spa treatments at our world-class spa facilities or lounge by the pool while taking in breath-taking views of nature and mountain-scape and also bring your furry friend to make the stay even more special as we are the only pet friendly hotel in Shimla. And when it comes to dining, our award-winning multi-cuisine restaurant offers delectable dishes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Magnificent Greeting

You can always expect a magnificent greeting from us that will create a good impression. You will be catapulted into a world wherein your every wish is catered to and treating yourself is just a regular part of life as soon as you step foot inside.

Bring your furry friend to make the accommodation even more special as we are the only pet-friendly hotel in Shimla. You can unwind while also being pampered with romantic spa treatments at our world-class spa facilities, lounge by a pool while taking in breath-taking views of nature and mountain-scape, or both.

So why not make your trip down memory lane even more special? Aaroham Hotels’ is mostly refer as the best hotel in shimla for honeymoon couple due to its superior services, unforgettable memories can be create which will last a lifetime. Whether it’s simply savoring moments from sunset to sunrise or getting cozy under the stars with a romantic dinner, you’ll have everything you need for an incredible honeymoon experience!

Frequently Asked Question

Shimla or manali which is better for honeymoon?

Shimla is the better place for honeymoon due to its scenic view and amazing climate with lot of adventurous activities for couple.

Which is the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon?

Aaroham hotels is the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon with its luxurious stay and amazing facilities.

Do any honeymoon hotels in Shimla offer free breakfast?

Yes, Aaroham hotels offer free delicious breakfast in morning.

Which is the best 3-star hotel in Shimla for honeymoon?

Aaroham hotels at shimla is the best 3-star hotel for honeymoon with luxurious amenities.

Where is the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon couple located?

Shoghi is a place where you can find the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon couple.


So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and head out to the best hotel in Shimla for honeymoon of your dreams. Book your cottage in Shimla and make your dream honeymoon come true at Aaroham hotels in shimla for honeymoon. With scenic views, luxurious rooms and amenities. The opportunity to unwind and relax, you’re guarantee to have a magical experience. Bid your loved one farewell and jump into a blissful honeymoon which you’ll look back on and cherish forever. So, go ahead and treat yourself!

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