20 Best Hotels in Bhimtal in 2023

A vacation in Bhimtal is all about a glittering emerald lake, majestic mountains, dense forests, and enough time to admire these magnificent landscapes. The majority of Bhimtal’s resorts offer lovely scenery and a tranquil ambiance for a leisurely retreat amidst nature.

This small town provides a welcome break from the busy hill station despite being only 20 kilometres from Nainital. Historical temples like the Bhimeshwar Mahadev and Karkotaka temples can be found all over Bhimtal, along with lovely picnic spots like the Victoria Dam, a beautiful lake called Bhimtal Lake, and an aquarium on an island.

No matter if you are going there with your partner, or along with your entire family or friends, the place won’t disappoint you. The only problem we have is where to stay.

There are tons of hotels but trust us, not everyone deserves a guest, well it’s kind of harsh to say, but it is what it is! Let’s dive into the top 20 best hotels in Bhimtal list to avoid the mistake of going to some hotel that you regret visiting later.  

Our list contains the best hotels in Bhimtal, with google reviews & ratings from popular websites and we have done our best to mention their website details and address, so you won’t have to face any problems finding them. Yes, we know you have google, but why take stress, when we got your back?

Here is the List of Top 20 Best Hotels in Bhimtal

  • Aamod Monolith
  • The Watergate Hotel in Bhimtal
  • Silver Tree Inn
  • Neelesh Inn
  • V Resorts The Satvik Bhimtal
  • Maya Regency Hotel
  • Green Wood Hotel
  • Country Inn
  • The Fern Hillside
  • V Resorts Monolith
  • Mapple Hermitage
  • Hotels Lake In
  • The Pine Crest
  • Hotel Harshikhar
  • Sojourn By The Lake
  • The Palm Hotel
  • Mountain Club
  • Fisherman’s Lodge
  • Silent Trail Sanctuary
  • Apical Resort

1. Aamod Monolith

At Aamod at Bhimtal, the captivating charm of Bhimtal is on full display. With oak and pine forests, a small lake, and a mini-Eden, it’s the ideal location for relaxation. The lovely surroundings serve as a constant reminder of how lovely nature is, and the opulent amenities available allow you to indulge without any limitations. One of the best hotels in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand, is Aamod at Bhimtal. Some of the city’s most popular attractions, including Nal Damyanti Tal and Hidimba Parvat, are close by. The hotel staff can also plan for you to go hiking, fishing, bird watching, or visiting a temple.

Location: Nal Damyanti Tal Road, Nishola Village, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136

Rating :

  • Trip Advisor: 4.0
  • Make My Trip: 4.2
  • Booking: 4.0

Google Reviews: 948 reviews with overall 4.0 rating

Tariff: 7300/ Night with breakfast

Website: Aamod Monolith

2. The Watergate Hotel in Bhimtal

The Watergate Hotel by Aaroham is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience that will give you lifelong memories. This resort, which is the pinnacle of luxury and serenity and is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is the ideal getaway for anyone looking for a restorative vacation.

One of Watergate hotel best-selling points is its breathtaking location, which is right on the shores of the renowned Bhimtal Lake and surrounded by verdant scenery which makes it one of the best hotel in Bhimtal. Spend your days enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, bird-watching, boating, and fishing while waking up to the sounds of nature and breathtaking views from your private balcony.

The hotel’s wellness center offers spa services and an outdoor infinity pool, making it the ideal place to unwind and re-establish a connection with the outdoors. The accommodations at our hotel are outstanding. To ensure the utmost comfort and luxury, each room has been carefully designed with state-of-the-art amenities, plush bedding, and breathtaking views. However, the exceptional service offered by its staff is what distinguishes this hotel.

Location: Nainital-Jeliokot-Haldwani Rd, Bhowali, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136


  • Trip Advisor: 4.8
  • Make My Trip: 4.8
  • Booking: 4.6

Google Reviews : 263 reviews with overall 4.6 rating

Tariff: 5000/ Night with breakfast

Website: The Watergate Hotel By Aaroham

3. Silver Tree Inn

With its breathtaking valley views and proximity to Bhimtal Lake, the Silver Tree Inn Hotel in the picturesque town of Bhimtal provides a tranquil and restful stay. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the lush green surroundings and nearby trekking trails make it the perfect destination. Two different room types are available at the hotel: Deluxe Rooms and Family Rooms. Both are furnished with contemporary conveniences to make your stay comfortable and convenient. The Silver Tree Inn Hotel has something to offer everyone, whether you’re traveling with your family or on a romantic getaway. It’s not surprising that the Silver Tree Inn Hotel is a top pick for travelers to Bhimtal given its breathtaking views, fantastic location, and comfortable accommodations.

Location: Bypass Road, Near Ramlila Ground, Mallital, Bhimtal


  • Trip Advisor: 4.3
  • Make My Trip: 4.2
  • Booking: 4.2

Google Reviews: 425 with overall 3.6 rating

Tariff: 5200/ Night

Website: Silver Tree Inn

4. Neelesh Inn

Another well-known hotel near Bhimtal Lake is Neelesh Inn which means Bhimtal hotels near lake. You can see the lake gently rippling and sparkling in the sunlight because it is right on the banks. There are two suites and 19 rooms available for guests. The suites can house up to four adults, while the rooms can hold up to three. The majority boast stunning lake views. A multi-cuisine restaurant in the expansive resort offers delectable Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine. You can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while admiring the beauty of the surroundings in a coffee shop that has a lake view. Additionally available are travel assistance, village tours, boating, kayaking, and hiking.

Location: Mandir Marg, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136


  • Trip Advisor: 3.8
  • Make My Trip: 4.0
  • Booking: 3.9

Google Reviews: 887 reviews with overall 4.3 rating

Tariff:  5000/ Night

Website: Neelesh Inn

5. V Resorts The Satvik Bhimtal

One of the best places to stay in Bhimtal is V Resorts the Satvik. As soon as you see the hills, you are immediately enveloped in their serene calm. The rooms have beautiful hillside views from their windows. Since the goal is to aid visitors in detoxing and reconnecting with nature, there are no televisions here. Visitors are encouraged by the V Resorts the Satvik Bhimtal to venture outside and partake in outdoor pursuits like river crossings, boating, village tours, and nature hikes.

Location: Shree Kailash Mukhi, Talla Dhungsil, Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263136


  • Trip Advisor: 4.0
  • Make My Trip: 3.9
  • Booking: 4.0

Google Reviews: 8 reviews with overall 4.6 rating

Tariff: 4500/ Night

Website: V Resorts The Satvik Bhimtal

6. Maya Regency Hotel

The Maya Regency Hotel is a top pick for travelers seeking a convenient and comfortable place to stay in Bhimtal. The renowned Bhimtal Lake is only a 5-minute drive away from this hotel, which provides quick access to all the other area’s top sights. The dedication of the Maya Regency Hotel to promoting and honoring regional art and culture sets it apart. The hotel takes pride in incorporating elements of Bhimtal’s rich heritage into its offerings, from the decor in the rooms to the meals served in the restaurant. However, Maya Regency Hotel places a high priority on cleanliness and visitor comfort in addition to aesthetics its one of the best places to stay in Bhimtal. The well-kept rooms and the offered services guarantee a hassle-free stay.

Location: Mehragaon,Near YMCA, Bhowali-Bhimtal-Haldwani Rd, Bhimtal

Google Reviews: 473 reviews with overall 4.2 rating


  • Trip Advisor: 4.3
  • Make My Trip: 4.3
  • Booking: 4.4

Tariff: 3400/ Night

Website: Maya Regency Hotel

7. Green Wood Hotel

Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Bhimtal, the Green Wood Hotel is a reasonably priced lodging choice that offers its visitors a warm and welcoming environment. The hotel’s lush vegetation and picturesque surroundings invite guests to unwind and get in touch with nature. The hotel stands out for its simplicity, which makes guests feel at home while they enjoy their stay in Bhimtal. The accommodations are all present and correct, and the rooms are tidy and cozy. It’s one of the best budget hotels in Bhimtal the staff is welcoming and always willing to help visitors with their needs. In general, Green Wood Hotel is a great option for people seeking a quiet and affordable stay in Bhimtal.

Location: Near Vikas Bhawan, Rd to Vikas Bhawan, Block Road Area, Bhimtal

Google Review


  • Trip Advisor: 4.2
  • Make My Trip: 4.1
  • Booking: 4.0

Google Reviews:

Tariff: 3100/ Night

Website: Green Wood Hotel

8. Country Inn

One of the top-value hotels in Bhimtal is Country Inn. The fantastic selection of lodging options available to guests includes rooms, suites, and cottages, each with a unique personality to suit different tastes. Additionally, it has two dining establishments, Flames and Guftgoo, which offer buffets and a la carte menus. The hotel offers a wide range of fun activities for visitors, such as karaoke, pool time, and outdoor excursions like rappelling, hiking, river crossing, and kayaking. In case you require it, it also offers car rental services and travel assistance. It’s one of the best Bhimtal hotels near lake which can be serene on its own.

Location: Bhowali-Bhimtal-Haldwani Road, Mehragaon, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263136


  • Trip Advisor: 4.0
  • Make My Trip: 4.2
  • Booking: 4.1

Google Review: 243 reviews with overall 4.0 rating

Tariff: 8200/ Night

Website: Country Inn

9. The Fern Hillside

The Fern Hillside Hotel Bhimtal is the next hotel on our list of places to stay in Bhimtal. It’s a classy place with tastefully decorated rooms in muted colors and amenities like 24-hour room service, local and airport transportation, and access for people with disabilities. Indian and international favorites are featured on the multi-cuisine menu. Participate in the resort’s indoor and outdoor activities. Kayaking, canoeing, and paragliding will pique your senses and allow you to indulge your urge for adventure. Explore one of the best hotels in Bhimtal, the Fern Hillside Hotel Bhimtal.

Location: 69, June Estate, Bhowali Range, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136


  • Trip Advisor: 4.1
  • Make My Trip: 3.9
  • Booking: 3.9

Google Review: 746 reviews with overall 4.2 rating

Tariff: 8100/ Night

Website: The Fern Hillside

10. V Resorts Monolith

V Resorts Monolith is among the best hotels in Bhimtal if you’re looking for accommodations close to the lake. It has a view of the Bhimtal Lake, which is about a kilometer away. With its stone and wood architecture, the resort itself has an English countryside resort feel to it. Warm lighting fills the interior rooms, which instantly soothes you. The resort provides exciting leisure activities like paragliding, boating, cycling, and temple tours. As it has an outdoor pool, this is also the place to go if you’re looking for Bhimtal hotels with swimming pools. V Resorts Monolith is one of the best hotels in Bhimtal. The hotel also has a lawn with seating and tables so you can take advantage of the wonderful weather in Bhimtal.

Location: Mandir Marg, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136


  • Trip Advisor: 4.2
  • Make My Trip: 4.0
  • Booking: 4.0

Google Review: 205 reviews with overall 3.8 rating

Tariff: 7000/ Night

Website: V Resorts Monolith

11. Mapple Hermitage

The Mapple Hermitage Bhimtal is tucked away in the wooded Kumaon Hills and is one of the best places to stay in Bhimtal, overlooking a tranquil lake and a verdant valley. The hotel is made up of a sizable courtyard-like structure with a pool in the middle. The accommodations include a minibar and air conditioning. The hotel offers a variety of contemporary amenities, such as a restaurant, fitness center with a gym, spa, bar, and lounge, as well as a business center and meeting spaces.

Location: Village Mehragaon, Bhowali Road, Bhimtal, 263136 Bhīm Tāl, India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.5
  • Make My Trip: 3.7
  • Booking: 3.5

Google Review: 435 reviews with 3.9 overall rating

Tariff: 3400/ Night

12. Hotels Lake In

One of the top hotels in Bhimtal that are close to the lake is Hotel Lake Inn. Because of the hotel’s proximity to the Bhimtal Lake, which means Bhimtal hotels near lake the rooms offer expansive views of the lake. There are both non-smoking and family rooms available. The hotel offers meeting spaces, free internet access, free parking, a restaurant, and room service. The cost of the breakfast is already included. 

Location: Near T.R.C. Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand, 263136 Bhīm Tāl, India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.5
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.6

Google Review: 150 reviewss with overall 3.7 rating

Tariff: 2100/ Night

Website: Hotels Lake In

13. The Pine Crest

The Pine Crest is the best hotel in Bhimtal and an ideal place to relax amid nature, set amidst the stunning Himalayan slopes. Beautiful gardens and green lawns encircle the hotel. The fact that this hotel combines all the natural elements with contemporary luxury is one of its best features. With amenities like a pool table, table tennis, carrom board, and swings, it offers both indoor and outdoor activity spaces for children and adults. They offer A-La-Carte menus in their multi-cuisine restaurant. Additionally, the restaurant has a designated area for an Italian café called Cafe Italiano.

Location: Bhowali road, Bhimtal, Nainital, 263132 Bhīm Tāl, India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.7
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.6

Google Review:

Tariff: 4300/ Night

Website: The Pine Crest

14. Hotel Harshikhar

Hotel Harshikhar is without a doubt one of the best places to stay in Bhimtal when looking for a hotel. This exquisite hotel provides a rare fusion of luxury and peace, making it the perfect location for those looking for a restful getaway. Guests can enjoy quick access to the town’s numerous attractions, including the breathtaking Bhimtal Lake, thanks to the hotel’s advantageous location. There is plenty of room to relax and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains thanks to the roomy outdoor spaces and rooms. A memorable stay at Hotel Harshikhar is guaranteed, whether you’re traveling alone or with family and friends.

Location: Bhowali-Bhimtal-Haldwani Rd, Bhimtal, Near Bhimtal Lake, Nainital


  • Trip Advisor: 3.5
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.5

Google Review: 700+ reviews with overall 3.6 rating

Tariff:  4300/ Night

Website: Hotel Harshikhar

15. Sojourn By The Lake

Sojourn By The Lake is a stunning lakeside boutique apartment hotel in Bhimtal that is situated at the Mandir Marg. The hotel offers lavishly decorated two-bedroom suites with entrancing lake views. A minibar, refrigerator, kitchenette, and other amenities are included in the suites. The hotel offers amenities like complimentary parking, a restaurant, free high-speed internet, and kid-friendly activities. The hotel Sojourn By The Lake is nonsmoking. It’s one of the Bhimtal hotels near lake experience the beauty while you stay there, have a cup of tea or your food near the lake. 

Location: Mandir Marg, Dhungsil Shah Sojourn By The Lake, Boutique Suites, 263136 Bhimtal, India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.7
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.7

Google Review: 305 reviews with 3.7 overall rating

Tariff: 4900/ Night

Website: Sojourn By The Lake

16. The Palm Hotel

The Palm Hotel one of the best hotel in Bhimtal is situated on a gorgeous hill, surrounded by the rustic charm of the town and lush lawns, and is conveniently close to both Bhowali and Bhimtal. Some of the most beautiful views of the valley are available from the hotel rooms. The Palm Hotel offers complimentary high-speed internet access, free parking, and room service. 

Location: Near Country Inn Mehra Gaon, 263136 Bhowāli, IndiaTāl, India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.5
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.5

Tariff: 4100/ Night

17. Mountain Club

The Mountain Club resort’s location amid the expansive and gorgeous oak trees is its USP. It is in Bhimtal at 61 June Estate. The club’s rooms are luxuriously furnished with all the amenities. This location is ideal for you if you want to get away from the bustle of the city. The tranquil atmosphere where the stillness is broken by the sound of birds, a barking deer, or a leopard makes Mountain Club a preferred retreat for those who want to revel in nature. They also offer a conference hall, a tree-top restaurant, and an open-air bonfire area.

Location: 61 June Estate, Bhimtal 244715 India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.6
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.5

Google Review:

Tariff: 3999/Night

Website: Mountain Club

18. Fisherman’s Lodge 

On the shores of Bhimtal Lake, there is this little boutique hotel called Fishermen’s Lodge. The balconies are on the good-sized rooms. Each room also has a sizable balcony with views of the lake from which you can sip tea while listening to birds chirping nearby. The hotel offers a comfortable stay with a friendly, well-trained staff, cycling, and fishing equipment, and plenty of free movies and books to pass the time. It’s one of the best places to stay in Bhimtal, one can opt for it. 

Location: Mandir Marg, Bhimtal 263136, India


  • Trip Advisor: 3.5
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.8

Google Review: 223 reviews with 4.4 overall rating

Tariff: 6500/ Night

Website: Fisherman’s Lodge

19. Silent Trail Sanctuary

The Silent Trail Sanctuary is for nature lovers and vacationers who enjoy lush vegetation, clean air, breathtaking views, delicious food, kind service, and tidy, orderly surroundings in the middle of a dense forest. The rooms have a view of the jungle and are tidy and well-designed. In the evening, you can hear deer calling next to your window.

Location: Silent Trail Sanctuary, Jilling Estate, Padampuri, Nainital District, Uttarakhand, India


  • Trip Advisor: 4.0
  • Make My Trip: 3.9
  • Booking: 4.0

Tariff:  6500/ Night

Website: No website

20. Apical Resort

Apical Resort is of those hotels which come in the category of Bhimtal hotels near the lake. This modest nature resort in Bhimtal, India, promises a relaxing stay away from the tourist crowds as it is surrounded by pine trees and lush valleys. Apical offers you the chance to enjoy nature in all its splendor and is only about 7 kilometers from Bhimtal Lake. At Apical Resort, guests can stroll through the clouds, take in the breathtaking views, and savor the warm hospitality of the staff members who are polite and attentive. The homestay-style resort provides simple, clean, and no-frills rooms as well as fresh food with the option of barbecue.

Location: Jungle Gaon, Near Bhimtal


  • Trip Advisor: 3.5
  • Make My Trip: 3.5
  • Booking: 3.5

Google Review: 89 reviews with 4.4 overall rating

Tariff: 2999/Night

Website: No website

Why you should travel to Bhimtal?

For those looking to escape the sweltering heat of the plains in the summer, Bhimtal is a fantastic option. In addition to its natural beauty, Bhimtal is home to numerous historic sites, including temples, that are of great cultural and religious significance. Dont you worry about staying, as we are gonna help you out in choosing a hotel from the best hotels in Bhimtal. By visiting these locations, including the Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple, Garg Parvat, and Hidimba Parvat, tourists can learn more about the local customs and culture. In conclusion, anyone looking for the perfect fusion of adventure, spirituality, and natural beauty must visit Bhimtal. It’s the perfect destination to leave the workload behind and spend your time in natural beauty.

Things to consider while opting for the best places to stay in Bhimtal

Making the right hotel choice is essential to having a relaxing and enjoyable stay. It can be hard particularly when we have so many options, but here are some considerations to make when picking a hotel in Bhimtal.

  • First, think about where the hotel is. Hotels in Bhimtal can be found all over the place, from hilltop retreats to lakeside homes. Depending on your preferences, you might prefer a hotel that is located in a quiet neighborhood or one that is close to the town’s well-known attractions, like Bhimtal Lake. Choosing a hotel with good access to important transportation hubs is also crucial if you intend to explore the neighborhood.
  • Second, look for lodgings with the features and services you need. Hotels in Bhimtal vary in their emphasis on providing a more rustic experience versus providing opulent extras like spas and fine dining restaurants. You might want to take into account elements like room size, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the accessibility of leisure activities like boating or hiking. If you’re traveling with kids, you might want to pick a hotel with facilities for them, like a pool or games room.
  • Finally, take into account your spending limit and search for hotels that provide the best value. There are hotels in Bhimtal to suit every price range, from low-cost lodgings to luxurious resorts. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the cheapest hotel might not always be the best choice because it might not have the features and services you need. On the other hand, the most expensive hotel might not always provide the best value for the money. You can find a hotel that satisfies your needs without breaking the bank by doing your research and comparing the price to the caliber of the hotel’s amenities and services.

Frequently Asked Question

Which are the best hotels in Bhimtal?

It is the list of top 10 best hotels in bhimtal
Aamod Monolith
The Watergate Hotel in Bhimtal
Silver Tree Inn
Neelesh Inn
V Resorts The Satvik Bhimtal
Maya Regency Hotel
Green Wood Hotel
Country Inn
The Fern Hillside
V Resorts Monolith

Which is the best hotel in bhimtal for summer vacation?

The Watergate hotel by Aaroham is the best hotel in bhimtal for summer vacation because you can enjoy here many water activities and amazing view of Bhimtal lake.

Where is the best 3 start hotel in Bhimtal?

Bhimtal near Nainital-Jeliokot-Haldwani is the place where you can find many 3-star best hotels.


In conclusion, there is a tonne of fantastic hotels in Bhimtal to pick from, each providing a different experience for tourists. However, Our listed hotels are incomparable when it comes to finding the best of the best. These all hotel has rightfully earned its place among the top 20 best hotels in Bhimtal thanks to its breathtaking location overlooking the serene Bhimtal Lake, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional service. Our listed Bhimtal hotels is the ideal location for you if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or simply a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Reserve your stay at these hotels right away to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to indulge in the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Our listed hotels are pocket friendly and offers exceptional service around the clock. 

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