best places in india for destination wedding

10 Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

A wedding is more than just a joining of two hearts; it’s also a celebration of love, a pledge of a lifetime, and the realization of dreams. Destination weddings have become the pinnacle of love stories for couples who dare to dream beyond the ordinary. In the grand tapestry of destination wedding locations worldwide, India stands out as an enchanting and diverse canvas, offering a spectacular backdrop for the most memorable day of your life.

As the name implies, our list include the best places in India for destination wedding that transcend the bounds of regional customs and well-known settings. They take you and your loved ones on a trip to a location that is more than just a place; it’s an experience. With its diverse cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery, and illustrious history, India offers a breathtaking backdrop for wedding ceremonies where couples can exchange their vows in the most memorable and heartfelt ways.

The idea of destination weddings involves a significant shift in perspective and a venue change. It’s about making your wedding a huge adventure, a celebration of love that unites two souls and immerses you in the culture, customs, and traditions of a new location.

Here is the List of 10 Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

1. Alwar Rajasthan – The Allure of Alwar

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Alwar, located in the center of Rajasthan, is a timeless example of India’s regal splendor and cultural legacy. This city provides a magical setting for destination weddings that combines historical grandeur, unmatched natural beauty, cultural diversity, and a wide range of themes.

Couples and guests are transported back in time as it creates a regal elegance for wedding ceremonies. While Rajasthani culture infuses the event with vibrant traditions, from colorful attire to traditional music and dance, the Aravalli Hills serve as a stunning natural backdrop. Alwar’s hospitality and illustrious past guarantee a warm and heartfelt wedding experience.

Imagine a wedding taking place in Alwar, where the sun sets behind the opulent Neemrana Fort Palace, the Aravalli Hills serve as a magnificent backdrop, and the rhythms of traditional music and dance fill the air.

This is more than just a wedding; it’s a grand occasion that offers a glimpse into Rajasthan’s fascinating history and culture. For every couple looking for an unforgettable destination wedding in India, Alwar offers a variety of venues and experiences, whether you envision a grand royal celebration or a small gathering.

2. Shimla – A Romantic Haven

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Shimla is the go-to location for couples looking for a romantic getaway for their ideal wedding because it is nestled in the peaceful embrace of the Himalayan mountains. With its colonial architecture, verdant surroundings, and peaceful atmosphere, the city exudes charm and provides a picture-perfect setting for private weddings with a natural theme.

Imagine taking a romantic trip deep into the Himalayas to Shimla for your wedding day. Shimla’s weddings offer a testament to nature’s beauty, the mountains’ serenity, and the heartfelt embrace of local culture, whether you choose the enchantment of a snow-covered winter wedding or the peace of a summer celebration amidst pine forests. This idyllic setting is the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration of love.

Shimla’s history is distinctively characterized by its time as the summer capital of British India during the colonial era. Colonial-era buildings like the famous Viceregal Lodge arouse nostalgia and historical feelings.

Shimla makes up for its lack of opulent palaces and forts with its breathtaking natural beauty. The city is surrounded by dense forests, which offer picture-perfect backdrops for your wedding, whether it’s under soaring deodar trees or on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains.

3. Bhimtal – Where Dreams Come True

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Bhimtal, which is tucked away in the tranquil Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, is a place that seems to have been lifted straight out of a fairy tale. This serene gem offers couples the ideal location for a wedding that feels like a dream come true, with its pristine lake, dense forests, and the peace of the Himalayan foothills.

Even though Bhimtal lacks the opulence of palaces or forts, it still charms with its special historical charm. The Bhimtal Lake, which bears the name of the legendary Bhima from the Mahabharata epic, is one example of the region’s rich mythological significance.

Your wedding will have an enchanting atmosphere thanks to this mystical link to the past. For couples who want to have a wedding that is inspired by nature, Bhimtal is the perfect backdrop. You can decide to have a lakeside wedding, a reception with a forest theme, or even a conventional Pahari wedding that honors the community.

You can create a wedding that perfectly embodies your vision thanks to the variety of themes available in Bhimtal.

Imagine having a lakeside wedding where the crystal-clear water reflects the majestic Himalayas or a private forest wedding where you are surrounded by the sounds of nature in Bhimtal.

Your wedding day will be transformed by Bhimtal into an ethereal experience that captures the mystique of the area’s past, the splendor of nature, and the friendliness of its native people.

4. Manali – Picturesque Paradise

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Manali’s allure is found in its profound connection to ancient mythology and history, not in its palaces or forts. The great sage Manu, a key figure in Hindu scriptures, is thought to be the inspiration behind the region’s name.

The ambiance of legend and antiquity lends your wedding celebration a magical touch. Manali, a picturesque paradise nestled in the heart of Himachal Pradesh’s breathtaking Kullu Valley, beckons couples looking for a romantic and nature-inspired location for their dream wedding.

This romantic location provides an exquisite backdrop for weddings that are surrounded by the Himalayas’ breathtaking natural beauty with its soaring mountains, verdant valleys, and calm rivers.

Manali’s culture is intricately entwined with Himachal Pradesh’s traditions and the natural world. Local ceremonies and customs honor the ties that bind people to the Himalayas. You can incorporate these cultural components into your wedding in Manali to make it feel more in tune with the local environment and the heart of the mountains.

Couples who desire a wedding with a natural theme can choose from a wide variety of themes in Manali. Manali offers a variety of options to match your vision, whether you envision a ceremony in the middle of lush valleys, a rustic reception in a mountain lodge, or a winter wedding amid snow-covered landscapes.

Your wedding in Manali is more than just a celebration of your union; it’s a picture-perfect paradise where you can celebrate your love against the breathtaking Himalayan backdrop and make priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Dalhousie – A Tranquil Highland Retreat

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

When it comes to themes, Dalhousie has plenty to choose from for couples who want a small, natural-themed wedding. You can decide to have a ceremony with a forest theme, a rustic reception in a structure from the colonial era, or even a winter wedding in a setting covered in snow.

You can create a wedding that perfectly embodies your vision thanks to Dalhousie’s wide selection of themes. Dalhousie’s landscape is incredibly stunning. A lush and peaceful environment is provided by the town’s surrounding dense pine and deodar forests.

Imagine saying your vows among these enormous trees or in front of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks. Your wedding will be a tranquil and captivating event thanks to Dalhousie’s natural beauty.

Dalhousie’s essence is in creating intimate moments amidst nature’s beauty. Whether you choose a garden ceremony, a forest-inspired reception, or a cottage wedding, Dalhousie’s charm lies in celebrating your love amidst the serene Himalayas.

The intimate ambiance and natural surroundings set the stage for unforgettable moments.  You are invited to start a mountain love affair with Dalhousie, where each day is a celebration of the wonders of nature, the allure of colonial history, and the acceptance of local culture. Your journey of love begins with your destination wedding in Dalhousie.

6. Dharamshala – Where Love Meets Forever

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

The spiritual essence of Dharamshala and the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama give your destination wedding a profound and distinctive dimension. In this place, where customs and ceremonies meld perfectly with the peace of the Himalayas, love is celebrated with an air of tranquility and mindfulness.

Your wedding will be more than just an event thanks to Dharamshala’s allure; it will be a spiritual journey into the heart of the mountains where the tranquil surroundings will strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Dharamshala extends an invitation to experience a Himalayan love affair, a journey that combines romance, the magnificence of nature, spiritual tranquility, and genuine mountain hospitality.

Your destination wedding in Dharamshala is a love story that honors the harmony of love and the Himalayas, not just an occasion. The wedding experience transcends the usual event, creating cherished moments and connections. In Dharamshala, your wedding is more than a celebration; it’s a testament to the harmony between love, nature, spirituality, and the heartfelt embrace of the mountain culture.

7. Kerala – Love and Beauty

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Kerala’s stunning natural scenery is at the heart of its allure. Imagine having your wedding along the banks of peaceful backwaters, amid Munnar’s lush tea plantations, or on the deserted shores of the Arabian Sea.

The greenery, peaceful waterways, and picturesque beaches of Kerala make for an enchanted setting for your love story. The South Indian paradise of Kerala, also known as “God’s Own Country,” offers couples a mesmerizing location for their wedding where love is entwined with the stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality of this idyllic region.

Kerala is well known for having a vibrant and varied culture. The option exists for couples to incorporate regional traditions into their wedding, whether it be a traditional Kerala sadya (feast), Kathakali dance performances, or Ayurvedic rituals. In Kerala, a wedding is more than just a party; it’s also an immersion into the core of South Indian customs.

Couples can choose from a variety of themes and locations in Kerala. Kerala’s versatility enables you to customize your wedding to your specific vision, whether you envision a serene houseboat wedding on the backwaters, a lush garden celebration surrounded by coconut palms, or an opulent beachside extravaganza.

Kerala beckons you to create a love story that resonates with the beauty of its natural landscapes, the richness of its culture, and the warmth of its people. 

8. Goa – Where Liveliness and Love Collide

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

The beauty of Goa’s coastline, with its pristine beaches, golden sands, and rhythmic waves crashing, makes for an unforgettable setting for a beachfront wedding. Imagine saying your vows as the sun sets and the sky takes on a fiery hue, with the sound of the sea serving as your wedding anthem.

Goa, a colorful and picturesque coastal paradise, provides couples with a dynamic and spirited backdrop for their wedding, where love harmonies with the vivacity of this sun-drenched location.

The culture of Goa is a delightful fusion of Indian and Portuguese influences. You can include these various customs in your wedding, from elegant Portuguese touches to customary Indian ceremonies. A Goan wedding is an immersion into this unusual fusion of cultures.

Goa provides countless options for wedding themes and locations. Goa offers the backdrop for your dream wedding, whether it’s a beachside celebration, a garden ceremony in an old villa, or a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees.

9. Mumbai – City of Dreams

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Couples can get married in the exciting and iconic city of Mumbai, which is also the center of India’s entertainment industry. Love takes on a captivating journey through the urban splendor of the city of dreams.

Mumbai’s appeal is found in its urban elegance, where skyscrapers, old buildings, and vibrant cityscapes provide a distinctive and glitzy setting for your wedding. Imagine saying your vows in the middle of the city’s frenetic energy, where the urban allure sets the stage for a modern-day wedding that will go down in history. 

Mumbai offers countless options for wedding themes and locations. The city can accommodate your vision, making it an unforgettable occasion, whether you envision an opulent ballroom affair, a stylish rooftop celebration, or a traditional wedding in a mansion from the colonial era.

Mumbai’s citizens are renowned for having kind hearts and being welcoming. They make sure that your wedding is a heartfelt and lively celebration rather than just an event by welcoming guests with open arms.

Your wedding in Mumbai will be a memorable occasion that fuses love with the city’s vibrant spirit and produces treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

10. Gurugram – A love Story in Cyber City

Best Places in India for Destination Wedding

Gurugram, also known as the Millennium City, offers couples a modern and exciting location for their wedding. Love takes center stage in the modernity and innovation that characterize the urban landscape in this vibrant city of opportunity.

The modernity and cosmopolitan elegance of Gurugram, with its skyscrapers, glass facades, and vibrant cityscape, make it the perfect setting for your wedding. Imagine exchanging your vows in the heart of the city, where the urban energy creates the perfect setting for a modern wedding that is also a symbol of advancement and innovation.

Gurugram is renowned for its top-notch infrastructure, opulent lodgings, and immaculate venues. Gurugram has a range of venues to suit your needs, whether you’re planning a large, lavish wedding or a smaller gathering.

You can find the ideal location for your dream wedding anywhere, from grand five-star hotels to stunning resorts. The strategic location of Gurugram makes it an excellent choice for destination weddings. For your out-of-town guests, it is conveniently located close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, making it simple to get to.

The city has excellent rail and road connections, so you can be sure that your guests will have no trouble getting to your wedding location.

Gurugram offers all the ingredients for a dream destination wedding. Its convenient location, modern amenities, cultural diversity, and beautiful surroundings make it an attractive choice for couples seeking a memorable and unique wedding experience.

Why Choose India for Your Destination Wedding?

India, often called the “Land of Diversity,” is a country that weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and traditions. From the snow-capped Himalayan mountains to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, from the royal palaces of Rajasthan to the lush backwaters of Kerala, India offers a multitude of options for couples to choose from.

This diversity allows you to curate a wedding that resonates with your unique style and preferences.

It’s a canvas of natural beauty that stretches from pristine beaches to lush forests and serene backwaters. The country’s diverse landscapes provide a breathtaking backdrop for your special day, where your love story unfolds against a backdrop of nature’s artistry.

What sets India apart as a destination wedding venue is its cultural richness. The country’s tapestry is woven with diverse customs, traditions, and flavors, allowing you to infuse your wedding with the vibrancy of Indian culture.

Here, you can experience the resonance of local music, the poetry of traditional dance, and the explosion of flavors in its cuisine.

Moreover, India offers an incredible variety of wedding themes and settings. Whether you dream of a royal Rajasthani wedding, a beachside celebration in Goa, or a nature-inspired wedding in the Himalayas, India welcomes your imagination.

It’s a land where you can customize your wedding to reflect your unique style and vision, where every dream can be woven into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the 10 best places in India for destination wedding

Alwar , Rajasthan

What should be the estimation budget for destination wedding in India?

The estimation budget for destination wedding in India up to 30 lakhs to 1 crore.

Is it possible to have a budget-friendly destination wedding in India?

India offers a range of budget options for destination weddings, making it accessible for couples with various financial plans.

What’s the unique charm of Dharamshala for a destination wedding?

Dharamshala’s spiritual ambience and stunning Himalayan landscapes create a distinctive setting for couples who seek a serene and culturally rich wedding experience.

 Can we blend traditional customs with a modern wedding in Kerala?

Kerala’s rich cultural tapestry allows you to incorporate traditional customs into a contemporary wedding, making it a unique and culturally diverse experience.

What’s the essence of a beachfront wedding in Goa?

Goa offers picturesque beaches, golden sands, and a lively atmosphere, providing a distinct backdrop for beachfront weddings that are both exotic and vibrant.

How does a destination wedding in Dharamshala differ from one in Kerala?

Dharamshala’s serene Himalayan beauty and spiritual ambience contrast with Kerala’s lush greenery and cultural diversity, offering couples a choice between mountain tranquillity and coastal charm for their special day.


As this exploration of ten romantic wedding locations in India comes to a close, it is clear that each site we examined offers a distinctive tapestry for your love story. India offers a wide range of options to make your wedding unforgettable, whether you envision a royal affair in grand palaces, a tranquil Himalayan escape, or a beachfront symphony of love.

The place you go serves as a character in your love story rather than just being a place. These locations not only provide the backdrop for your wedding, but also become a treasured part of your memories thanks to the warm hospitality of the locals, the grandeur of historical sites, the calm of nature, and the vibrant cultures. 

No matter which place you choose, India’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes, cultures, and traditions ensure that your special day is nothing short of magical. It’s your love, your destination, and your unforgettable journey.

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