best resorts in india for destination wedding

11 Best Resorts in India for Destination Wedding

Welcome to a place where beauty and love coexist and the promise of an eternal connection finds the ideal context. A world of magical resorts awaits you in the heart of amazing India, each one a tapestry of wonder and warmth that begs you to create your ideal destination wedding. These resorts serve as majestic entranceways to a realm of celebration as they stand within the embrace of nature’s finest treasures. Imagine being surrounded by greenery that seems to be whispering secrets of enduring love, or by crystal-clear water that seems to reflect the infinite embrace of the sky. Today we will be talking about, the best resorts in India for destination wedding, get ready to be mesmerized by the captivating appeal of each resort, where luxury and hospitality combine to create an unforgettable experience. Each location offers a canvas for your love story to unfold in grand style, from lavish palaces steeped in history to contemporary wonders that redefine elegance.

Here is the List of top 11 Best Resorts in India for Destination Wedding

1. Alwarbagh by Aamod

Alwar Bagh by Aamod is the perfect canvas for unforgettable destination weddings in India. This resort isn’t just a place to stay; it’s where your dream wedding unfolds in the lap of nature.

Imagine beginning your wedding day with a gentle breeze carrying the wilderness’s fragrant whispers, accompanied by the melodious birdsong, all while sipping on steaming chai. Alwar Bagh sets the serene stage for your celebrations. Our multi-cuisine restaurant, whether indoors or on the sprawling lawns, offers an idyllic spot for a delightful breakfast, where your guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Our resort seamlessly combines heritage charm with modern luxury, ensuring your wedding is truly magical. Our expert team meticulously crafts every detail, from exquisite floral decorations to elegant stage setups. Our experienced staff creates an enchanting ambiance, handling all aspects of your wedding, so you can cherish the moments that matter. With spacious conference rooms for pre-wedding events and a seamless flow of festivities, your special day is in good hands.

While your guests await the celebration, enjoy activities like table tennis, pool, or outdoor sports. For adventure-seekers, we offer paintball, remote-controlled car racing, and serene relaxation by our pool and spa. As the sun sets, discover our starlit projection theatre, perfect for post-wedding romance. Beyond the festivities, explore the nearby Tiger Sanctuary and historical sites, making Alwar Bagh ideal for intimate or grand weddings. At Alwar Bagh by Aamod, we create lifelong memories in nature’s embrace, ensuring your day is extraordinary.

At Alwar Bagh by Aamod, our dedicated wedding planners are your partners in turning your dream wedding into a reality. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, they orchestrate every aspect of your special day, from breathtaking decor to seamless logistics. Relax and savor the moments that matter while our experts ensure your wedding is an unforgettable experience. Let us transform your vision into a cherished reality, making your wedding day truly extraordinary.

2. Aaroham Resorts ShimlaWhere Loves Blossoms in Destination Weddings

Amid the magnificent Himalayas, Shimla’s Aaroham Resorts stands as the ideal location for an Indian destination wedding. This charming resort, located in the heart of Shimla, offers an unmatched experience that combines the magic of hospitality, culture, and nature to create a wedding of a lifetime. Awe-inspiring celebrations of love can be had at Aaroham Resorts, which is located in Shimla’s tranquil beauty and offers a panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys. Because of the resort’s prime location, you can be sure that the magic of the Himalayas will surround you at all times on your special day.

But Aaroham Resorts is the best option for a destination wedding in India for more reasons than just the breathtaking setting or the cultural highlights. Their resorts offer roomy space for your activities, staying, and beautiful rituals. The resort stands out due to its dedication to hospitality. Gather around enchanting bonfires as the sun sets over the mountains to share stories and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Wedding celebrations at Aaroham Resorts go above and beyond expectations, combining hospitality, nature, and love to create an enduring tapestry of joy.

3. The Watergate Hotel BhimtalYour Idiol Destination Wedding Escape

The magical world of Aaroham Resorts, located in the charming town of Bhimtal. This picture-perfect location, surrounded by the beauty of nature, provides an unforgettable backdrop for your ideal wedding. The Aaroham Resorts are a haven of peace and luxury, making them the perfect location for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. This includes the breathtaking views of the tranquil Bhimtal Lake and the mesmerizing landscape of the Kumaon hills. Every couple looking to have a destination wedding wants a setting that not only reflects their love story but also leaves an impression on their guests. Aaroham Resorts fulfills all the requirements for an exceptional wedding experience. A timeless elegance is created by the fusion of modern architecture with traditional Kumaoni influences, creating the ideal backdrop for your fairy-tale celebration. 

Without mouthwatering food that pleases the palate, a wedding isn’t complete. Their talented chefs at Aaroham Resorts create a custom menu to suit your culinary preferences, leaving your guests in awe of the mouthwatering flavors. Whether it’s an opulent buffet or a sophisticated plated dinner, we make sure that each meal is a unique experience. We provide plenty of opportunities for you to indulge in relaxation and recreation while you celebrate your love. With relaxing spa services and thrilling outdoor pursuits, Aaroham Resorts makes it possible for you and your visitors to unwind and rekindle your relationships amidst the embrace of nature.

4. The Royal Woods by Aaroham, Manali Unforgettable Destination Weddings

There aren’t many places in India that can compare to Manali’s picturesque beauty and charming attraction when it comes to destination wedding planning. Manali provides a perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding, located among the majestic Himalayas. Aaroham Resorts stands out as the best option for a memorable and stress-free wedding experience among the many breathtaking locations in this beautiful area.

In the center of Manali, Aaroham Resorts is ideally located and offers panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, and crystal-clear rivers. The romance and beauty of your wedding festivities will undoubtedly be enhanced by this breathtaking backdrop. Whether you picture a small gathering or a lavish event, Aaroham The facilities at Aaroham Resorts cover all aspects of wedding-related needs. For pre-wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, and extravagant wedding receptions, the venue offers lush gardens, picturesque terraces, and charming banquet halls. The resort’s skilled event planning staff is committed to making your vision a reality and making sure that every last detail is flawlessly carried out.

Planning a destination wedding is stress-free at Aaroham Resorts, where skilled wedding coordinators create customized packages to match your preferences, style, and spending limit. Enjoy a memorable dining experience filled with a variety of food treats, along with a selection of entertainment options, for a special occasion. Enjoy every second of your special day while relaxing and taking in Manali’s breathtaking beauty.

5. AAMOD SUITES Dalhousie- Your Dream Destination Weddings

A heavenly retreat concealed away in the center of Dalhousie, India’s gem of a mountain town, and the ideal location for your fantasy wedding. Please allow us to reveal the breathtaking magnificence of this enchanted resort, where your love story will play out in the most romantic environment imaginable. In the heart of the majestic Dhauladhar ranges, Aaroham Resorts offers an unrivaled view of the Himalayas. The mountains will witness your vows as you say your vows outside under the stars, infusing your union with all the grandeur of nature. 

There is a haven of peace on the grounds of Aaroham Resorts, where lush gardens adorned with colorful blooms create a romantic haven for you and your significant other. Walk through these magical gardens hand in hand and let the sweet breeze carry your love to the heavens. This resort embraces the diversity of Indian culture and seamlessly incorporates it into your occasion. Experience the joy of Mehndi-adorned hands, the vibrating beats of traditional drums, and the sophistication of Indian attire, which will all add a touch of beauty to your special day.

6. The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur- Royal Destination Weddings

In Rajasthan, India, Udaipur stands out as the ideal location if you envision your fairy-tale wedding taking place in a regal setting. The Oberoi Udaivilas is a magnificent option for a royal destination wedding because it stands tall as a symbol of regal luxuriousness.  This magnificent resort, which is situated in front of Lake Pichola, offers breathtaking views of the Aravalli Mountains and the skyline of Udaipur.

Their elaborate locations, which feature intricate Mewar architecture, are the ideal setting for a grand wedding celebration. Their team will make sure that you and your guests have a seamless and unforgettable experience, from grand receptions to traditional Rajasthani processions. The Oberoi Udaivilas’ distinguished service, opulent lodgings, and indulgent spa offerings create the ideal fusion of luxury and tradition, guaranteeing that your wedding will be an occasion to remember.

7. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Goa- Tying Knots by Sea in a Destination Wedding Extravaganza

If you’ve always imagined getting married among palm trees, sandy beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere, Goa stands out as the ideal location. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa offers a tropical haven for your ideal destination wedding as Goa’s sun-kissed beaches beckon. This resort promises a wedding straight out of a fairy tale with its stunning beachfront location, lush gardens, and a perfect blend of Goan and Portuguese architecture.

Their group of professionals will make your dream wedding come true, whether you envision a small-scale ceremony on the beach or a grand celebration by the pool. They offer a variety of individualized services to make your stay unforgettable, from pre-wedding celebrations to post-wedding relaxation. Enjoy world-class hospitality at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa while celebrating love amidst the azure waters and golden sands of Goa. Indulge in authentic Goan cuisine. Rejuvenate at the Jiva Spa.

8. Aaroham Resorts Dharamshala- Destination Wedding Bliss

Close your eyes and picture a wedding that is more beautiful than anything you could have imagined, a celebration of love beneath the majestic Himalayas. Your fairytale wedding awaits at Aaroham Resorts in Dharamshala, where every moment is created with love, care, and attention to detail.

Without breaking the bank, we firmly believe in making your special day truly magical. Let us take you on a tour of Aaroham Resorts’ magical wonders, where your ideal wedding can come true. At Aaroham Resorts, we take great pride in providing friendly and attentive service. Your wedding celebrations will be flawless and stress-free thanks to their committed staff’s commitment to providing individualized service. Their team will be there to help you with every detail from the time you arrive until the last guest departs.

You can have the wedding of your dreams with Aaroham Resorts without going over budget.  Your wedding celebration will go above and beyond the customary rituals, thanks to Aaroham Resorts. Your visitors will have a memorable stay thanks to the abundance of activities and entertainment options. We provide an experience that enhances the beauty of your wedding, from hiking the nearby scenic trails to enjoying cultural performances. Their resort offers a variety of luxurious accommodations that will pamper you and your guests throughout your stay because your comfort is their top priority. Each lodging is furnished with cutting-edge facilities to guarantee a restful and rejuvenating experience, ranging from spacious and elegantly decorated arrangements to extravagant suites with stunning views. 

9. Kumarakom Lake Resort Kerala- Embrace Serenity in a Destination Wedding

A magical setting for your destination wedding is provided by Kumarakom Lake Resort, which is tucked away among Kerala’s verdant landscape and calm backwaters. This resort guarantees an unforgettable celebration of love with its stunning views of Vembanad Lake, luxurious villas, and traditional Keralan architecture.

From the pre-wedding rituals to the lavish reception, their professional wedding planners will painstakingly design every detail of your special day to make sure your dreams come true. In this resort lakeside pavilion’s romantic atmosphere, say your vows, or choose a traditional ceremony on their exquisitely decorated Kettuvallam (houseboat).

Enjoy a variety of recreational pursuits, rejuvenate at the Ayurvedic spa, and take in Kerala’s world-class hospitality. At Kumarakom Lake Resort, the staff is dedicated to generating priceless moments that you and your visitors will always treasure.

10. The ST. Regis Mumbai- Glamour and Glitz Destination Wedding 

The St. Regis Mumbai is the pinnacle of grandeur and opulence in the center of India’s bustling metropolis, making it the perfect location for an opulent destination wedding. Their opulent ballrooms, decorated with exquisite chandeliers and regal furnishings, provide the ideal setting for a lavish celebration that showcases your distinct sense of style.

Every detail will be meticulously carried out by their skilled team of event planners, resulting in a flawless and unforgettable wedding. You and your guests will be treated to the utmost comfort and luxury at The St. Regis Mumbai thanks to its outstanding dining options, first-rate amenities, and opulent lodgings. The St. Regis Mumbai offers an unrivaled wedding experience as you celebrate your love in the city of dreams.

11. Jaypee Residency Manor Dehradun – Calm Retreat for Your Destination Wedding

With Jaypee Residency Manor as the ideal location for your celebration, Dehradun offers an idyllic and beautiful setting for your wedding. This resort offers breathtaking views of the Doon Valley and the surrounding mountains thanks to its charming hillside location. Your wedding ceremonies and receptions will be in a romantic setting thanks to the elegant ballrooms and outdoor areas.

Whether you want a traditional wedding or a modern celebration, their skilled team will attend to all of your needs, guaranteeing a smooth and magical experience. For the utmost comfort for you and your visitors, the resort provides a wide variety of recreational activities, a relaxing spa, and opulent lodgings. In Dehradun’s Jaypee Residency Manor, celebrate your love amidst the beauty of nature and make lifelong memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top 5 Best Resorts in India for Destination Wedding

Alwarbagh by Aamod
Aaroham Resorts Shimla
The Watergate Hotel Bhimtal
The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur
Jaypee Residency Manor Dehradun

How is Dharamshala a more charming location than any in the list of best resorts in India for a destination wedding?

Dharamshala is considered a charming location due to its breathtaking Himalayan views, serene Buddhist monasteries, and picturesque landscapes and its tranquil ambiance and spiritual aura attract many couples seeking a romantic and peaceful wedding setting.

Why should a couple consider Manali for their wedding?

Couples should consider Manali for their wedding due to its stunning natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, and pleasant weather. The scenic landscapes, adventure activities, and cozy atmosphere make it an ideal choice for a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience.

Where do we get more delicious food, Dharamshala or Dalhousie?

Both Dharamshala and Dalhousie offer delicious food options, each with its unique culinary delights. The choice between the two would depend on personal preferences and the specific cuisines and dining experiences available in each location. Both places offer a wide range of delectable dishes to satisfy diverse tastes. We at Aaroham Resorts offer a customizable menu to their guests.

Why have a wedding planner from the Hotel itself?

Having a hotel wedding planner ensures seamless coordination between departments, access to exclusive venues, and expertise in orchestrating weddings at the property.

Can we have a destination wedding at a resort on a budget?

Yes, resorts offer customizable wedding packages to accommodate different budgets. Off-peak dates and less popular destinations can also help reduce costs.

What are the advantages of hosting a destination wedding at a resort over a traditional wedding at home?

Resorts provide stunning backdrops, experienced wedding planners, and a vacation-like atmosphere where guests can stay together, creating a more intimate and memorable experience.

What services can I expect at a resort for a destination wedding?

Resorts offer experienced wedding planning, stunning venues, luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining options, personalized decor, and attentive staff to ensure a seamless and unforgettable destination wedding experience.


India offers an array of exquisite resorts and charming destinations that are perfect for hosting a dream destination wedding the above lists of the best resorts in India for destination wedding will help you in choosing the right place. From regal palaces to serene beaches and lush landscapes, these venues provide a picturesque backdrop and world-class hospitality. Whether you seek a royal affair, a beachside extravaganza, or a serene celebration in nature’s embrace, the diverse offerings in India cater to every couple’s unique preferences, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. 

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