best riverside resorts in india

Top 5 Best riverside resorts in India

India is a land of diverse culture and geography, with its rivers playing an important role in the country’s economy. For many years, people have been visiting India’s river sides to enjoy the beauty of nature and the tranquillity of its waters. India is home to some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. With its pristine waters and lush green surroundings, a stay near a river can be an exquisite experience.

In this list we mention one of the best riverside resorts in India that offers a truly unique experience. From its tranquil environment to its luxurious amenities and activities, Resorts promises an unforgettable stay for all its guests. Not only does it provide guests with breath-taking views of the river, but also offers them a chance to explore the surrounding areas and indulge in some exciting activities like fishing, boating, kayaking and more.


With its warm hospitality and impeccable services, Resorts ensures that all guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay. With its stunning views and luxurious amenities, it provides a one-of-a-kind river side resort experience. From its world-class spa facilities to its exquisite dining options, Resorts also offers guests an unforgettable experience that can’t be found anywhere else. From private boat rides to spa treatments, this resort caters to all kinds of travellers looking for a truly special getaway. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or an adventurous family trip, Resorts has something for everyone as it is a couple friendly resort. The Riverside resorts offer everything you need for a memorable stay near a river bank.

A dreamy vacation near the riverside resorts! 

Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of a river gently flowing by your window. The sun rises majestically in the sky, casting a warm glow on the lush green surroundings. You take a deep breath and feel your stress start to dissipate. Welcome to Resorts, the perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts and peace seekers alike! Our river-side resort offers a unique and tranquil experience that you’re sure to love.

Our well-appointed rooms offer stunning views of the river and the surrounding mountains, and our top-notch staff will take care of all your needs during your stay. All you need to do is be your true self and let all your worries and tensions flow away and clear your mind and fill it with positivity. So, come and relax at riverside resorts, where you can experience the best of what nature has to offer! 

The best riverside resort in India – Aaroham Resorts

Experience the beauty of nature in Aaroham resorts, which is situated near the banks of a beautiful river. This is an especially great spot for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities and options to enjoy the countryside.

Take a boat ride down the river, play in the water with your family or friends, or just sit back and absorb the stunning views all around you. You can also try your luck at catching some fish–just make sure to release them after! If you’re brave enough, take a dip in the cold waters to really get a refreshing experience! The clear water is sure to lure you in for a quick dip. 

Moreover, there are lake shore activities such as swimming, kayaking and paddle-boating that you can enjoy which will add to your overall staycation experience. Come and soak in all the wonders of nature at Aaroham Resorts and make it your perfect home away from home.

Aaroham is renowned for its calm and serene atmosphere that is sure to soothe any soul, even your four-legged friend. We have the best riverside resorts in India for pet also. There’s a package for everyone that will tick all the right boxes and bring out their true and best self.

Here is the List of Best 5 Riverside Resorts:

  • Dharamshala – Home of Dalai Lama
  • Dalhousie – the picturesque hill station 
  • Manali River Side Resort
  • ShimlaQueen of Hills
  • Bhimtal – Hotel Riverside Resort

1. Dharamshala – Home of Dalai Lama

If you’re looking for the Riverside Resorts located near the Beas river side of Dharamshala, this resort offers an exquisite experience of tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding Beas river. From the elegantly designed rooms to the picturesque views of the river, you will be mesmerised from the moment you enter our resort. 

The best part? You don’t have to go far to experience all this luxury — just a stone’s throw away from our Resort is one of the best river rafting experiences in India at Beas River! So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable staycation experience near Dharamshala with a river side stay, At these Resort should definitely be on your list because this resort is the riverside resort in Dharamshala. There’s a great experience awaiting you with us.

2. Dalhousie – The Picturesque Hill Station 

Have you ever wanted to experience a stay at Ravi river side resort near the Dalhousie region? Then you must check our mention resorts. Not only is this resort situated in the beautiful and serene setting of Ravi river side, it also offers an exquisite river side experience that you won’t forget.

Here, you can enjoy lush greenery, riverside walks alongside the Ravi river, spectate breathtaking sunsets and starry night skies, while also experiencing some of the best hospitality and amenities. From their comfortable and well-equipped rooms to their top-notch facilities and services, Resort will make sure your stay is as unforgettable as it can be.

You can also indulge in some water sports such as kayaking or fishing while admiring the grandeur of nature around you. With its stunning natural beauty. This resort truly is one of the best river side resort in Dalhousie near Ravi river. Book your stay today for a delightful experience!

3. The Royal Woods – Manali River Side Resort

Wait no more, come and experience the beauty of our infamous resort. Our Manali listed Resort is the best river side resort in Manali. This resort offers you a mesmerising Beas river side stay with a magnificent view. Enjoy the serene beauty of Beas river, surrounded by lush greenery and a picturesque view. Spend your day taking in all the beauty, from tranquil waters to vibrant landscapes.

Relax and unwind with the resorts luxurious amenities. Get pampered with a massage or take it easy by lounging around in one of their beautiful pools. Don’t forget to take advantage of our delicious dining options that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

If you’re looking for an oasis away from home, Our resort is where you should go, as it is the manali river side resort for an exquisite experience on a beautiful Beas river side staycation! Manali is on the bucket list of every traveller and this is the right opportunity for you to tick off that box with us. 

4. ShimlaQueen of Hills

This resort is a breath-taking river side resort near Shimla’s Ashwani Khad. Its relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of the Ashwani Khad river make it the perfect place to get away from it all. This is the best riverside resort in north India. It features luxurious rooms, cottages and villas, with all the comforts of home.

Our resort is among the best river side resort in Shimla and a place to rest and relax, we also have many activities for you to enjoy. From fishing trips on the river, to walking and hiking trails that wind through its beautiful grounds, you can spend days exploring this traveller’s heaven.

Our resort is also known for its delicious food – both traditional Indian cuisine and international favourites. The chefs are passionate about their craft, so you can be sure that every dish will be cooked to perfection. And don’t forget the drinks! Enjoy a cocktail by the pool or on your terrace as you take in the views of the sun setting over the mountains. Our Resort is a unique staycation experience with something for everyone – so why not give them a visit?

5. Bhimtal – The Watergate Hotel Riverside Resort

The river Gargi, infamously known as Gola Nadi, is a beautiful river situated in Bhimtal. To absorb this beautiful river body, Hotels and resorts is the optimal choice. This riverside resort in India comes with amazing accommodation and a river side stay experience, you’ll be drowning in a lap of luxury whilst enjoying a cool and breezy river view of the Gola Nadi.

This is only possible when you visit resort. Our resort is alongside the river, giving the whole place a cool vibe that transcends to its guests. With such a crystal-clear river view, you’ll be waking up to heaven. It is a paradise for travellers who love water bodies, and also a place where guests will fall in love with a river.

If you are craving to take a dip in the waters, we have got you covered on that aspect as well because our resort is the only resort that houses a swimming pool for its esteemed guests. It is the amazing river side resort in Bhimtal. 

Frequently Asked Question

List of best riverside resorts in India

Dharamshala – Home of Dalai Lama
Dalhousie – the picturesque hill station 
The Royalwoods – Manali River Side Resort
Shimla – Queen of Hills
Bhimtal – Hotel Riverside Resort

Which is the best riverside resort in manali?

The Royal Woods resort in Manali is the best riverside resort by Aaroham due to its luxurious stay and riverside view.

Which is the best riverside hotel in India?

The Watergate Hotel is the best riverside hotel in Bhimtal for its amazing view and comfortable stay in the foothill of Uttrakhand.

Which is the best family riverside resort in Manali?

Resorts by Aaroham is best family-friendly riverside resort in Manali.

Which is the best Pet-friendly resorts in India?

Dalhousie resort by Aaroham
The Royalwoods resort
Shimla resort by Aaroham

Conclusion :

So, what’s holding you back? We understand that it can be a daunting task to find the most suitable accommodation for your travel needs and find the perfect fit for you. That’s why we have cross-checked every list and come up with one of the best resorts, cottages, and hotels in India to make your stay easy and more enjoyable, and there is no other name that comes to mind other than Aaroham river side resorts.

Get ready to flow and glow with a true vacation that you and your loved ones truly deserve and let us help you in making this special vacation a genuinely wonderful experience by allowing us to be a part of this memorable journey that is forever going to be engraved into your memory. 

By choosing Aaroham resort, you are not just choosing a place to stay but you are choosing an eco-friendly destination because Aaroham riverside resort was built without harming the environment or deforestation of any trees, and it has a unique architectural philosophy for all the architectural elements.

The resort is made up of prefabricated cottages along with Rustic and vintage elements mixed with modern notions of comfortable living in architectural settings and furnishings. The cottages are airy, have elegantly decorated bedrooms, and come with extra suite amenities. Private sit-outs and huge panoramic windows are also provided to cater to visitors a close-up and personal view of the surroundings.

Aaroham resorts is the best river side resort in India. There’s no other place that would provide you with such comfort and amenities along with the extra caring staff. So, let’s cut to the chase and start exploring India with a helping hand from us! We look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.

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