Sightseeing in Bhimtal

Bhimtal Lake

The bhimtal lake is one of the top attractions of the town. It forms a C-shaped structure, which makes it one of the renowned lakes within the country. It stretches over an area of 47 hectares and is 4500 feet above sea level. It is a habitat of a few flora and fauna, like; bulbul, wall creeper, Emerald Dove, Black Eagle, Tawny fish owl, and also some of the migratory birds in winters.

Victoria Dam

The Victoria Dam is situated at one end of the lake, and if you are interested in having a mesmerizing panoramic view of the lake, then this destination is a must for you. This spot is one of the best for clicking a picture with nature, and it was built back in 1883.

Bhimeshwar Temple

It is a holy place of Lord Shiva, it looks the best during Shivratri, and people from all across the world visit it to witness its’ beauty and traditional value.

Folk Culture Museum

It is a holy place of Lord Shiva, it looks the best during Shivratri, and people from all across the world visit it to witness its’ beauty and traditional value.

Hidimba Parvat

This has historical relevance, as it was named after Bhim’s Wife. It is the most beautiful place, as it gives a memorable experience to everyone due to its clean air and stunning view. It is also a shelter for various animals as well as plants.

Nal Damyanti Tal

This tal is known for its’ peace and is one of the remarkable places. This is besieged with natural foliage and is a sacred location. One can sit there and can feel nature with their wandering soul.

Butterfly Research Center

The Butterfly Research Center is the fourth largest place, which has a collection of a wide range of butterflies and moths in India. From the largest to the most beautiful butterfly, they have it all. If you are interested in knowing the facts about the pretty little creatures, then the guided tours to the center are available for you.

Pines Old Cemetery

It is a British-era Grave Stone, which will give you a glimpse of the ancient cemetery, as it from the 1800s. You can visit this place to have a good walk inside the graveyard.

Naina Peak

The Naina Peak is one of the top-most places from where one can have a perfect view of the mighty Himalayan range, and the entire Nanital is visible. Here too you can feel the breeze letting in through your soul, and you can capture breathtaking pictures of nature.


It is a place, which is situated in the midst of the Himalayas, and the elevation level is 1650 meters above sea level. This place is known as the king of mountains, and it is a cultural center for the entire Kumaon region.



If you love peace, then this a place for you, as from here you can witness Himalayans. The Chauli ki Jali and Mukteshwar Dham the temple of Lord Shiva.


It is a hill station, also known as the lake of nine corners. The depth of the lake is 175 feet, and it is 1220 feet above the sea-level. This place is known for its’ pleasant weather and is covered in trees and shrubs. If you want to see snow, then January is the best month for it.



The best part about this lake is that it is an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes in the lower Himalayan range. The surface elevation is 1370 meters. The view from this place is calming.