Dalhousie: Exploring the Switzerland of India

“Hum uth sakte the par kiske liye 

Hum cheekh sakte the par kiske liye”

Like there is no reason to die, but there are thousands of reasons to live. It is better not to leave life wrapped in that white shroud alone than to take happiness with you. Get in touch for a comfortable stay in the Aaroham Resorts i.e. the Best Resorts in Dalhousie

I don’t say put your whole life behind one thing, I just want to say give life a chance to make you happy. Every single person can live, but in reality, many people do not know how to live. 

What is the meaning of your life? Where you earn money to be happy and by earning money you forget that you had to be happy too. How is that money that cannot give you happiness?

Everyone dreams of going to Switzerland, isn’t it? Wandering here and there in that cold soothing breeze, having ice cream, and enjoying the day with a sweet long walk till sunset. But what if I say that for this Switzerland valley feels you don’t have to go to Switzerland, and you can get it in India? 

Yes, you are right India is having Dalhousie in Himachal known as mini Switzerland. One can go mad by watching its beauty. You can easily get to know why Dalhousie is known as the Switzerland of India by just having a glimpse of it. 

Now, wanna explore Switzerland? Let’s pack you’re and take your heart which is soon going to be of Dalhousie with you and start your journey. Ummm…. Wait! Wait! Ghar se nikalne se pehle rehne ka thikana to tay karlo! 

Swipe! Swipe! Oh! Aaroham Resorts, how

beautiful it is. Luxuries cottage, comfortable stay guarantee, such a beautiful property, omg! You should go for it. Aaroham Resorts is one of the Best Resorts Near Dalhousie

Now Finally you have chosen Aaroham Resorts, I appreciate your choice. Get in your car and start your journey to Dalhousie. 

While driving I know you are discussing with your family sitting in your car ki bhyi ja to rahe hain, par karenge kya humein toh koi idea bhi nahi hai vaha ka? Your smarty kid took out his phone and said, Dad! Aaroham Resorts ke website hai na vo batayega sab kuch….. 

Rock Garden : Best Resorts in Dalhousie

One of the famous picnic spots of Dalhousie, Rock Garden is situated on the main road of Chamba. Such a beautiful Garden adorned by trees and flowers all over the area. This Garden was created for rare plants and all. You can try various adventurous sports in Rock Garden like zip lining and all. 

City Shopping 

Gandhi Chawk is the most commotion area of Dalhousie, where tourists love to come and shop so many things. Gandhi Chawk is considered to be the Mall road of Dalhousie. You can shop for things like antique jewelry, woolen clothes, and everyday treasures. 

St. Patrick Church 

St. Patrick Church is one of the largest churches in Dalhousie. Approx 2 km from the main bus stand, St. Patrick’s church’s architecture was owned by the Britishers. This Church has a huge prayer hall where around 300 people can come and spend their time with God in prayer. 

Bakrota Hills 

Surrounded by my snow cloud mountains, Bakrota Hills is located around 5 km away from Dalhousie. Tourists visit this place to explore this land of beauty and to fresh their minds. Bakrota Hi gives a superb view of golden sunshine, Deodar trees, and sparkling stars at night. 


Dad! Isko padhke to lag raha hai ki main wapas aane ka mood itni jaldi nahi banaane vala. I mean just imagine How fun it will be, those views, adventures, and pahado vali vibes, I am too excited. Aur Han Thanks to Aaroham Resorts, who helped us to know more about Dalhousie. Ab main sabko bataunga ki Dalhousie main jaana hai toh Aaroham Resorts mein rukna banta hi hai. And now I got it that is why it is considered to be one of the best Luxury Cottages in Dalhousie. 

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