Sightseeing in Dharamshala

Top 5 Places to Visit in Manali

is a dream location for many people Its iconic mountain ranges, misty surroundings, effervescent lakes, and lush greenery are a delight for the human eyes. Manali maintains a soothing climate all year round, making it the best travel destination for you. So, you have decided to visit this gorgeous hill station but cannot decide which resort to stay in. There sure are many other Resorts Sightseeing in Manali​ , but none of them matches the quality of The Royal Woods by Aaroham.The Royal Woods by Aaroham is considered one of the Best Resorts in Manali because it adheres to the requirements of every tourist. Whether you are coming for a business or a family trip, we assure you that you will have your life’s best time with us. Manlai contains a large number of tourist attractions. Here, we bring you the top 5 places you can visit while you stay in Manali with us.


  • Baijnath Shiv Temple – 60 KM
  • Bir Billing – 75 KM
  • Chamunda devi Temple – 27KM
  • Kangra Devi – 28KM
  • Kangra Fort – 31KM
  • Jwala Devi – 65KM
  • Chitpun Devi – 84 KM
  • Bangla Mukhi – 51 KM

Extra Activities

  • Paragliding
  • Horse Riding
  • Bike On rent
  • Cricket Statdium – 14KM
  • Main Square – 4KM
  • Church – 6 KM
  • Dharamkot – 10KM
  • ZOO – 35 KM
  • Triund Trek – 15 KM
  • Dal lake – 2 KM
  • Naddi Sunset Point – 3.5 KM
  • Mcleod Ganj Tibetten Market – 7 KM
  • Bhaksu Waterfal 8 KM
  • Tea Garden Dharamshala – 12 KM
  • War memorial – 12KM
  • Nam-Art Gallary – 16 KM
  • Palampur Tea Estate – 45 KM

Tea Garden Dharamshala - 12 km

The tea garden in Dharamshala is one of the best places to spend a day appreciating nature at its best. This tea garden is situated almost 12 km from Aaroham and you can have a day trip checking out the beautifully organized and lined tea gardens all across the Kangra Valley.

War Memorial - 12 km

This angelic church is in Mcleodganj and is located about 8Km away from Dharamshala. St. John Church lies in a dense jungle and has a Christian cemetery surrounding. This classic architectural design is powerful and attracts many people from far and wide. Explore this place and witness the occult beauty of ancient architecture at the Church of St. John.

Naam Art Gallery - 16 km

Situated just 16 km from the Aaroham Resort, the Naam Art Gallery in Dharamshala is a much-visited gallery for its watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings by renowned European artists. These paintings are all unique and if you are someone who appreciates art, then this gallery is a must-visit in Dharamshala.

Palampur Tea Estate - 45 km

The Palampur Tea Gardens are a legacy in themselves and something that you absolutely cannot miss when in Dharamshala. Nestled in the green hill station of Palampur around 45 km from Aaroham, the Palampur Tea Estate has an abundance of beautiful tea plantations with a distinctive look. This place is perfect for a day trip with your friends or family.


Toy Train

Who hasn’t heard about the famous toy train in Dharamshala? You can take a peaceful ride in the popular Kangra Valley toy train to visit the relaxed town of Kangra in the Indian hills. This will definitely be the highlight of your trip as you take a ride through picturesque mountains and countryside in the lap of nature.

Baijnath Shiv Temple - 60 km

The Baijnath Shiv Temple is a Hindu temple in the style of Nagara that can be found in the Kangra District in Baijnath. Constructed in the 8th century by Manyuka and Ahuka, two local merchants, the Baijnath Shiv Temple is as much a place for worship as a great place to visit for its architecture.

Bir Billing - 75 km

Situated almost 75 km from Aaroham, Bir Billing can be found on the northern side of Bir. This place is the entry point to the trek of Thamsar Pass. This place is known as one of the best paragliding destinations in Himachal Pradesh and is a popular tourist destination in the state.

Chamunda Devi Temple - 27 km

The Chamunda Nandikeshwar Temple or the Chamunda Devi Temple is about 27 km from Aaroham. This temple is dedicated to Chamunda Devi, who is a form of Durga. Constructed in 1762, this temple is basically located uphill and can be challenging to reach. That said, it is well worth it if you are a believer. 

Kangra Devi - 28 km

The Kangra Devi temple is a definite must-visit if you ever find yourself in Dharamshala. Situated just 28 km from the Aaroham Resort, Kangra Devi is one of the Shakti Peethas. Believers can visit Kangra Devi for a peaceful and serene time on their trip. This pilgrimage is just 10 km from Palampur and is nestled in the small town of Kangra.

Kangra Fort - 31 km

Situated on the outskirts of the town of Kangra, about 20 km from Dharamshala and 31 km from Aaroham, Kangra Fort is another must-visit place in Himachal Pradesh. This is probably the biggest fort in the Himalayas which was built by the Kangra State’s Rajput family. Full of historic relevance, this fort is the oldest fort in the country.

Jwala Devi - 65 km

Jwala Devi is a beautiful temple which is located around 65 km from the Aaroham Resort. This is one of the most ancient and renowned temples dedicated to Goddess Durga. The Jwalamukhi temple is a must-visit place for believers whenever they find themselves in Dharamshala or Kangra. If you seek some peace and inspiration in your life, Jwala Devi must be your next destination.

Chitpurni Devi - 84 km

The Chitpurni Devi Temple in Himachal is a major pilgrimage and one of the Shakti Peethas in the country. This temple is situated in the Chitpurni Village and is 84 km from Aaroham in District Una. Chitpurni is one of the several manifestations of Durga where you can find the revered Shakti shrine.

Baglamukhi - 51 km

The Baglamukhi temple is quite famous as it symbolizes the powerful female primeval force. This temple is dedicated to the Bangla Devi or Baglamukhi and is situated around 51 km from the Aaroham resort. This is one of the most beautiful and visited temples in the country as believers confess to a feeling of deep contentment after their visit here.

St. John Church

This angelic church is in Mcleodganj and is located about 8Km away from Dharamshala. St. John Church lies in a dense jungle and has a Christian cemetery surrounding. This classic architectural design is powerful and attracts many people from far and wide. Explore this place and witness the occult beauty of ancient architecture at the Church of St. John.


Dharamkot Mountain View

It is situated on the peak of a hill. Here, you can witness the panoramic view of the Kangra valley and Dhauladhar ranges. You can also reach Dharamkot by a simple trek from Bhagsu. The scenery from Dharamkot is spectacular. Many small restaurant, shops or stalls are situated in the path where you can relax and slurp the beverages.

Dhauladhar Nature Park

Dhauladhar nature park is situated at a distance of 13 km from Palampur and a major attraction for wildlife enthusiasts. Also known as the Gopalpur Zoo, this place is a home for a variety of fauna in a mini zoo including leopards, black bears, and various other varieties of deer, along with lion, rabbits, and sambhar.


Plan for this exhilarating trek and you will not be disappointed. This 9Km enthralling trek will let you cross the rugged villages of Rakkar and Dharamkot. One can tender the splendid view of the Dhauladhar range and the deep Kangra valley. Once you reach the top, you can witness the snow-covered peaks against the backdrop of blue skies.

Dal Lake

Everyone knows about the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) but only a few know there’s another lake by the same name in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Nestled in the foothills of Naddi village, Dal Lake is an epitome of the divinity of nature and an ideal picnic spot. Circumambient by thick deodar forest & hills, one can take a quick walk around the lake in utmost serenity.

Gyuto Monastery

Imagine experiencing peace and calmness of mind while you are being struck by utmost beauty located at the beautiful backdrop of snow clad mountains. I think that’s how everyone feels when they visit Gyuto monastery in Dharamsala for the first time. The place is a home of young monks. To reach here, you will have to climb almost 100 steps. Gyuto Monastery is on a midway of Dharamshala and Sidhbari road.